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Coming July 2019!

We have created a data interface that enables you to stay on top of key metrics. Data is updated in real-time with CMS.

Survey Deficiency Data

View deficiency data for Health, Life Safety, and Emergency Preparedness Surveys. See an individual facility’s survey history and stay on top of national and regional survey trends. Includes:

  • Facility Survey History
  • National & Regional Top 10 Deficiencies
  • National & Regional Scope & Severity Levels
  • National & Regional Average Citations

Quality Measures Data

View facility-level quality measure data. Includes:

  • 5-Star MDS-Based Measures
  • 5-Star Claims-Based Measures
  • Other MDS-Based Measures
  • Quarterly trending of each measure

Provider Data

View detailed information about a facility. Includes:

  • Occupancy Rates
  • Health Survey Citations & Points
  • Staffing Levels
  • Incidents, Complaints, Fines, & Penalties

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We are continually developing new applications that will ease provider burdens and increase efficiency. Our Exclusions Management application is the first to be introduced.

Exclusions Management - Coming July 2019!

Automates and enhances your ability to manage exclusion screenings and verifications for employees, vendors, contractors, and volunteers. Current databases integrated are:

  • OIG
  • SAM
  • Florida

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KEA Care was founded in 2019 by a licensed Nursing Home Administrator for Nursing Home Administrators. We know first-hand the challenges you must overcome as a Nursing Home Administrator in the face of ever-increasing scrutiny and complexity.

Our mission is to improve the efficiency and strategic management of nursing home operations. We are dedicated to being a resource to you for the support, information, and tools needed to help you succeed.